Management Training Programs

 I hated every minute of training, but I said, ‘Don’t quit. Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion. :- Muhammad Ali 

Organization often faces employee frustration, lack of employee growth, losing motivation and direction in employees due to lack of proper employee training programs which finally results in attrition. This situation is overall bad for employee, manager and organization itself.

RANDI BUSSE told once

 When my clients ask me that, What If We Train Them (employee) and They Leave? I respond, “What if you don’t train them … and they stay? 

Training yourself or your team is essential sign of continuous growth and it also helps you to reduce attrition in organization.

Training of employees should be planned in all the dimensions otherwise; Organization cannot expect long term results just by giving technical/job related training’s to employees. Job related training falls only in one dimension; organization should try to touch other dimensions to make impact on employees mind and life like work life balance, work with fun, handling disagreement, art of saying NO, etc.

Richard Branson told in this regard

 Train people well enough so they can leave, treat them well enough so they don’t want to. 

Organizations require balanced and custom made program for their employees in this regard.
We are here to help you (as individual or organization) to provide you training’s in all dimensions.

HIRUN Technology offer following management training programs.
Six thinking hats Emotional intelligence
Leadership development Project management
Critical thinking Advanced Negotiations Skills (Specialized Programs)
Personal Productivity Management/ Time management (Specialized Programs) Communication mastery
Lateral thinking Train the Trainer (Specialized Programs)

Six Thinking Hats

Six Thinking Hats is a system designed by Edward de Bono which describes a tool for group discussion and individual thinking involving six colored hats. “Six Thinking Hats” and the associated idea parallel thinking provide a means for groups to plan thinking processes in a detailed and cohesive way, and in doing so to think togethermore effectively.

Look at the situations bellow or take the questioner…

  • Most of your meetings end inconclusively?
  • Your team members have single dimensional thinking?
  • Your team members’ always look for short term solutions?
  • Team decisions are mostly emotional in meetings rather than factual?
  • Strength of problem solver in organization/team is low?
  • Does your team feel lack of direction?
  • Does your team lack team work?
 You should consider going through the “Six Thinking Hats” training programs if most of your answers were in YES. 

Who should attend?

Team Leaders
Department/Divisional Managers
All those who want to have productive meetings and greater performance.

Emotional Intelligence

Why do smart people fail? Why do technically brilliant individuals have trouble managing others and collaborating on a team? It is not because they lack intelligence or technical skills. What they lack is a critical level of Emotional Intelligence (EI) and the ability to manage their own emotions and others’ when they are under pressure.
Look at the situations bellow or take the questioner…

  • Does your team always face high pressure situations?
  • Does your teams always chase behind target?
  • Do you face constant angry outbursts during professional discussions?
  • Does your professional discussion effect your personal relations with team members?
  • Do you/team members know the relations between emotions and actions?
  • Does team lack co-operation?
  • Does your team meetings ending in heated arguments without any conclusion?
  • Does your team meetings are disruptive in nature?
  • Does your team lack in motivation?
  • Do you agree to take organization’s leadership to the next level?
 You should consider going through the “Emotional Intelligence” training programs if most of your answers were in YES. 

Who should attend?

Business leaders
High-potential managers on track for a leadership career
Team members

Training session will cover following 5 topics.


Leadership Development

 I am not afraid of an army of lions led by a sheep; I am afraid of an army of sheep led by a lion.” Alexander the Great Leaders are made not born…   All the great leaders were common men’s/Women’s. Somehow they were able to learn and master leadership techniques. In short, Leadership is not god given talent, it is a skill.

Look at the following questions:

  • Do you see very less percentage of leaders in your organization?
  • People in leadership roles are showing no success?
  • Top management is the leaders of organization. Is that right?
  • Are you surrounded by too many leaders?
  • It is awesomely difficult to train people in organization?
 You should consider going through the “Leadership Development” training programs if most of your answers were in YES. 

Who should attend?

Business Leaders
Department Heads
Mid Management
Team Leaders
Operations Management

Project Management

Project management is the discipline of initiating, planning, executing, controlling, and closing the work of a team to achieve specific goals and meet specific success criteria.

Look at the situations bellow or take the questioner…

  • Do you want to become effective project manager?
  • Do you need guideline to systematize your projects?
  • Do you wish to have PMP certifications but lacking in project management concepts?
  • Do you wish to learn synergy building tools?
  • Do you get hard time to understand contracts and clauses?
  • Do you wish to learn project management tools?
 You should consider going through the “Project Management” training programs if most of your answers were in YES. 

Who should attend?

Business leaders
Project Directors / Program Managers
Project Managers
Project Coordinators
Team leaders

Training course details:
Project Management training is targeted with particle approach. Following training sessions will be conducted in project management training.